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Dealers in Welding products & safety gears

    Set up  in 1931, our company was serving the united south (Kerala, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka) with Agricultural Tools and a few  Engineering items, mostly imported, since we were established during  British rule.

From the interesting nuggets  passed on by our elders, the cost of  cement those days was  Rs.4 per bag of  50 kg and builder’s steel was less than a rupee per kg!

In Independent India industrial activities began full steam around  1960 with major projects coming up at Manali in Madras. Today  Tamil Nadu has become an  attractive investment destination for a variety of reasons such as a peaceful environment and skilled work force. It is now home to a conglomerate of industries,  with our four large ports and 22 minor ports, four international airports and a strong road network making it a good hub for trade and industry.   

In the background of this scenario, our company has steadily grown from 1931, supplying quality hardware material at competitive rates to various industries. In the process we have acquired a remarkable knowledge of  industrial requirements which we fulfill both speedily and competently.

Honing our skills in niche and specialized areas,  we have focused our attention on welding, cutting and safety in industries and in 1998 took  the agency of M/s. ESAB INDIA LIMITED. We are proud to say  we are now  its No.1 dealer in Tamil Nadu and No2 dealer throughout India.

We have stocks of all kind of pipes and fittings, valves and bolt nuts, and a host of  hardware items regularly used by small, medium and large industries.

Please find  our current rate of ESAB products and WELSPRING make rates for which there is great demand from most of our customers.

We  promise our  whole-hearted support to our  customers in serving them effectively with  quality products and competitive prices.

We thank  all our  Customer for their continued patronage.

Warm regards,
Zoyeb H Lal

Distributor For

  • Welspring